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Visual Communications Exhibition: "FINAL PROOF: Designed, Sealed & Delivered."
Location: Cazenovia College Art Gallery in Reisman Hall

Visual Communication Students Exhibit Design Work
Seniors cap off college years with “Final Proof” Exhibition     

Cazenovia College Art Gallery in Reisman Hall will host the 2011 Visual Communications Senior Exhibition, titled, "FINAL PROOF: Designed, Sealed & Delivered." The show runs from Friday, April 1 through Monday, April 18, with an artist’s reception scheduled for Thursday, April 14, from 4 to 7 p.m.

Laurie Selleck, associate professor of visual communications, says, “More than 20 students will exhibit work they feel represents themselves as visual communicators. The show will be an excellent sampling of what the Visual Communications Program at Cazenovia College has to offer in the way of educating students for their future careers in graphic design, web/interactive design, advertising design, and illustration/animation.”

The Cazenovia College Art Gallery in Reisman Hall is located on the corner of Sullivan and Seminary streets, one block from Albany Street (Route 20). Exhibitions and receptions at the gallery are free and open to the public. The building is handicap accessible.

Gallery hours during the academic year are: Monday – Thursday, 1 to 4 p.m., and 7 to 9 p.m.; Friday, 1 to 4 p.m.; Saturday and Sunday, 2 to 6 p.m.  Visit for more information.

Participating students are:

Kereem O. Adams, a junior from Brooklyn, N.Y. 


Davis L. Bellanca, a senior from Salem, N.Y. 


Antonio J. (TJ) Bennett, a senior from Stamford, Conn.  Bennett says, "I’ve never been one to tie myself down by attaching myself to one title. With interests in fashion, music, design and more, I consider myself a connoisseur of all things modern.  Having a passion for such a variety of interests allows me to be inspired daily.  This inspiration reflects throughout my work, with design that is clean, innovative, and fresh.  With a developed drive to do what I desire, mixed with the ability to research in order to reinforce my motivation, I’m ready to show my design to the masses." 



Melanie A. Burdeau, a senior from Saranac Lake, N.Y. 


Roberta L. Clarke, a senior from Chittenango, N.Y.


Christine A. Corcoran, a senior from Little Meadows, Pa.


Corinne A. Cunningham, a senior from Utica, N.Y.

Blake D. Edwards, a senior from Duanesburg, N.Y.


Katelyne M. Frink, a senior from Cazenovia, N.Y.  Frink says, "Tie, unite, associate, relate - all of these words mean the same thing: connection. That is the number one goal of mine, along with providing a powerful message. I want to move the viewer to evoke the desired response. To succeed would mean I made the connection."



Frank T. Garguilo, a senior from Gloversville, N.Y. 


Sean P. Greco, a junior from Fonda, N.Y.


Benjamin J. Haines, a senior from Cazenovia, N.Y. 


Felicity R. Jones, is a senior from Hartford, N.Y.  Of her work, Jones writes, "Bold, unique, fun, confident, and original is not only who I am as a person, but who I am as a designer. I have a deep appreciation for things of the past, which comes through in my design style. Vintage and hand-drawn type styles make me drool. I also enjoy interesting color combinations, quirky illustrations, and silly copy writing. I am a firm believer in the handmade aesthetic, but can apply this mindset in a fresh, modern way, showing versatility if necessary. When designing for clients I do so with originality, heart and confidence, producing pieces that bring their vision to life."



Jennifer J. Lee, a senior from Canastota, N.Y.


Anthony T. Leonardi, a senior from Middletown, N.Y. 


Anderson M. Mena, a senior from Bronx, N.Y.


Rebecca Moll Villanueva, a senior from Clay, N.Y.


Gustavo A. Otero, a senior from Bogota, Colombia


Shannon N. Plunkett, is a senior from Rome, N.Y. Plunkett writes, "I approach design as if I were writing a novel. I set up the plot so that the viewer is intrigued and wants to turn the page. I believe every step of a design process is like every page in a book - necessary to the success of the story. I portray a strong descriptive dialogue through clean, modern styles, bold visuals and strong concepts. So grab a cup of coffee (or tea), sit down and enjoy!"


2011 PlunkettShannon bookdesign.JPG

Ashley R. Rasberry, is a senior from Conesus, N.Y.  Of her work, Rasberry writes, "As a designer, I am full of passion and creativity. I am constantly motivated to create a product that is meaningful and that generates a response. My style is clean and bold, but has that extra finesse to stand out. I am diligent, confident, and willing  to take challenges head-on. Design is what I love. Design is what I do."



Valerie D. Stockton, is a senior from Cortland, N.Y.


Amanda J. Taranto, is a senior from Hamilton, N.Y.  Taranto writes of her work, "I love what I do. I am inspired by things disregarded and cast away, and find beauty in unique and everyday objects. My inspiration, my focused determination, and my passion for all things visual, embody who I am. My creativity, versatility, and flexibility provide a foundation for my work. I strive for clean, organized design that pays acute attention to detail. I thrive on satisfaction and perfection. I am still growing as a designer, and as a person; I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love what I do."



Meghan R. VanDeventer, is a senior from Waterloo, N.Y.  VanDeventer writes of her work, "Life is a novel, with the end ripped out.... a fork in the road, with only one way out. The solution isn’t easily recognized or even understood at a close angle, but at a distance it becomes focused and clear. Using my experiences as tools and not just a path to where I’m going is an essential skill. I am a designer, an artist, a writer, and a communicator. Designing through imagination with creativity and energy is my passion. The concrete yet consistent nature of my pieces establishes a voice, emotional and personal to each client. I create a message both moving and informative as I seize each opportunity to learn from my accidents and recover with grace to influence the finished design. My dreams are my inspiration; I see the world in hues and aesthetic properties instead of reality, I discover solutions with imagery and pattern – ah, the life of a designer ... My novel doesn’t have an ending; instead, there are infinite tattered pages to fill with moments of the journey... going forward, we each might someday realize that the journey is indeed the destination."  



Kimberly M. Venuti, is a senior from Camillus, N.Y.  Venuti writes of her work, "In a world full of Cheerios, be a Froot Loop. I don’t use color, I create it. Every piece I create is not only a reflection of my personality, but also a view of the world I observe. I am my design."



Lauren M. Wentworth, a senior from Cazenovia, N.Y.   






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