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"The Importance of Student Engagement" by Joseph Behan
As parents you have heard many times about the importance of your student being active and involved with campus life. Cazenovia College’s belief is that the highest priority for students should correspond with their academic commitments and challenges.  Key to overall success in college, however, lies in the degree to which students take advantage of opportunities to engage in meaningful initiatives and activities that will inspire and teach them how to become not only skilled professionals in their chosen field but productive citizens who will truly make a difference and profoundly impact their communities and our world.

Over the years, the College’s research has confirmed the notion that students who are engaged and involved in the life of the College, both academically and outside the classroom, are more likely to earn higher grades than their less involved peers, and in general, derive more enjoyment and satisfaction from their overall college experience. 

At Cazenovia College, students don’t have to wait until graduation to begin making their mark on the world.  There are countless opportunities for all students to start right now to begin developing skills; broadening horizons; enjoying college life; and forming friendships, acquaintances and connections that will last a lifetime.  Collegiate success, and success in life, is almost assured for students who invest in themselves through their own initiative by taking full advantage of these opportunities.   

Some data that supports this perspective:

Cumulative Grade point averages of selected populations of student leaders: 
  • Campus wide GPA average at the conclusion of spring 2012 = 3.06/4.0
  • *All Student-Athletes      3.16
  • Resident Advisors            3.21
  • Head Residents                 3.54
  • Student Government Association (SGA) Elected Officers    3.38
  • All SGA Office Holders 3.21

*24% of all varsity student-athletes (68 out of 284) ended the spring 2012 semester with GPAs of 3.5 or higher.  98% of student athletes were in “good standing” academically.

Recently the North East Athletic Conference (NEAC) announced that 61 Cazenovia College students had been selected as scholar-athletes for 2011-12. A student athlete must have maintained a combined grade point average for the fall and spring semesters of 3.4 or higher and be in good standing with their team to be selected as a scholar-athlete. Cazenovia College was #1 in the NEAC having the highest number of scholar-athletes within the 16 institutions in the conference.

Retention of Student-Athletes:
  • 02-03     82%
  • 03-04     79%
  • 04-05     80%
  • 05-06     83%
  • 06-07     81%                        9-Year Average 84.2%
  • 07-08     89%
  • 08-09     89%
  • 09-10     82%
  • 10-11     93%
  • 11-12     TBA

There are a multitude of opportunities for Cazenovia College students to become involved.  A predictable byproduct of involvement in most cases is a compliment to academic performance as well as higher levels of productivity and satisfaction in all aspects of the Caz experience.  Below is a sample listing of just some of the opportunities available to a student to become involved at Cazenovia College:
  • 110 Campus Activities Board Programs (CAB)  – available for student participation
  • CAB- organizational opportunities to lead and plan programs
  • 57 recognized Student Organizations
  • International Community Service (example - Alternative Breaks 2012 spring break trip to the Dominican Republic)
  • Canterbury Study Abroad Program
  • Student Government Association (SGA) – a strong voice for students – a great opportunity to have an impact.
  • 36 Residence Advisors/Head Resident positions;  building community on the residence halls
  • Residence Hall Programs
  • 100+ Orientation Leaders and Advisors
  • Peer Mentors
  • Peer Tutors
  • Master Students
  • Exciting Internship Opportunities
  • Numerous Community Service Projects
  • NCAA Athletics
  • IHSA Equestrian Riding Team
  • USA Rowing  - Men’s & Women’s crew
  • 16 NCAA varsity sports with 2 new programs this fall (Tennis, Men’s Volleyball)
  • Students presenting alongside faculty and staff at National and Regional Conferences.
  • Student Teachers
  • Theater opportunities
  • Chorale
  • College Governance  - Student involvement in College councils
  • Fashion Show
  • Club Hockey
  • Leadership Development programs through the Office of Leadership and Engagement
  • Project Reach
  • Fitness & Wellness programs
  • Intramural Programs
  • Living Learning Communities in the Residence Halls
  • Special Interest Housing Opportunities, i.e., Village Commons (academic requirement), McLaughlin-Substance free, Alpha Lambda Delta (ALD) House on Sullivan Street, etc.
  • Literacy Program
  • Inter-Faith Programming Opportunities
  • Campus Keys (Admissions)
  • Campus Employment (work-study, Dining Services, Bookstore, Library)
  • Reisman Lecture Series
  • Art Gallery in Reisman Hall (Including student art exhibits)
  • The Great Debate
  • Washburn Fellows
  • And many more!

As the semester begins, encourage your student to find an activity that interests them and to become involved!

Created by  Wayne Westervelt  on  9/3/2012
Modified   9/5/2012 3:53:01 PM

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